BTG Global Advisory provides a series of updates that give a current, broader view of particular sectors covering company moves, new regulations, changing policies and general financial status.


  • Agribusiness: State of Agriculture Industry

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    Published by BTGGA member GlassRatner.

    Agriculture Expert, Brent King (Managing Director - Kansas City) offers insights into the current state of the AG industry. What will 2020 hold?

  • Agribusiness: complex and unpredictable

    Here we look at the cyclical peaks and troughs in supply and demand in the farming sector, and the impact of Brexit on international trade.

  • Agribusiness: Agriculture's role in a changing world

    Looks at producing the best food possible, responsibly and profitably and highlights the ongoing challenges for the UK’s farming industry.

  • Agribusiness: The state of the farming nation

    Provides comment on the economic and environmental factors driving significant change in the UK farming sector.


  • Automotive: Covid 19 Plagues Operations and Sales

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    Despite better-than-expected Q4 2020 retail sales, pandemic-related operational issues and low demand dampened results for most automakers. However, several automakers have announced multi-billion dollar plans to go all in on all-electric vehicles.
    Low interest rates and industry-wide inventory shortages has led to overwhelming demand for gently used vehicles in the latter half of the year.

  • Automotive: Enduring Exhaust

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    The COVID-19 pandemic left the U.S. automotive industry reeling for several months in 2020, as plant shutdowns, supply chain issues, and weakened demand resulted in the sector’s worst period in years. However, automakers fared better than projected due to low interest rates, historical nancing offers, and a recovery in retail sales.

  • Automotive: Lack of Drive

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    The U.S. automotive industry’s cyclical downturn continued in 2019. Most major manufacturers experienced strong demand for light trucks, crossovers and SUVs, while cars remained a sore spot for manufacturers across the industry. Growing disparity between new and used vehicle average transaction prices continued to drive consumers toward the used vehicle market.

  • Automotive: Virus In the Driver Seat

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    Overall new vehicle sales were down over 34% in Q2 2020 due to supply issues and reduced demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    While the auto industry struggled with factory shutdowns in the early months of the pandemic, production levels are slowly recovering from April lows.

    Historically low interest rates are pushing more consumers to the used market, causing a spike in the average used vehicle price.

  • Automotive: Far From A Model Year

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    The cyclical downturn of the U.S. automotive industry continued in the latter half of 2019, with most major automakers struggling with sedan sales as the growing disparity between new and used vehicle average transaction prices further drove customers to choose used rides.

  • Automotive: Slow Train Coming

    BTG Global Advisory considers the commercialisation of the mass-market electric car, which will not be straightforward, though technology is improving and volumes will grow significantly over the next decade. There is a big role for hybrids and the internal combustion engine is far from dead.

  • Automotive: Demand and profit up – for now

    BTG Global Advisory considers the impact of rapid change in the global car market as it enjoys spectacular sales and healthy bottom lines. However, despite this, there are concerns about fading prospects for growth and the rising cost of development and technology.


  • Aviation: Global airlines tentatively return to the skies as fight for survival intensifies

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    Published by BTG Advisory (part of Begbies Traynor Group)

    Airlines around the world are beginning to tentatively return to the skies after the most dramatic disruption in the sector’s history.

  • Aviation: Aviation industry braced for permanent sector restructuring

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    Published by BTG Advisory (Part of Begbies Traynor Group)

    The aviation industry is in an acutely parlous state, with a wave of expected airline insolvencies imminent as the virus-induced demand shock brings to an abrupt end the sector’s decade-long ‘golden era’.

  • Aviation: Profits take off; Brexit looms

    BTG Global Advisory considers airline profitability and international competition, notably the impact of low-cost airlines consolidation, expansion to transatlantic routes, and labour and security challenges. We examine concerns about Brexit, which remains the most pressing threat to the UK aviation industry.

  • Aviation: Close to the wind

    BTG Global Advisory considers global and European political uncertainty, including international security. We look at Brexit in terms of profitability and international influence, notably on the Single European Sky. Meanwhile, lowcost carriers thrive, extending their services and fuelling price competition.

  • Aviation: The airspace race

    Looks at key trends that have boosted the industry and helped low-cost carriers thrive, including lower oil prices, fuller planes, and record numbers of tourists.

Mining & Metals

  • Mining & Metals: Steel Market Heats Up

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    Hot rolled coil prices surpassed $1,180 per net ton as an undersupply left service centers desperate for inventory, after shutdowns earlier in 2020, steel mills struggle to keep up with the recent rise in demand. Scrap prices climbed as demand jumped from steel mills, which ramped up steel production amid low supplies.

  • Mining & Metals: Metal Prices Rebound

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    U.S. steel mills have been steadily increasing production on an improvement in capacity utilization, whilst metal prices began to recover just before heading into the third quarter of 2020 as economies gradually restarted.
    The U.S. removed 10% tariffs on imports of aluminum from Canada, as long as import quantities decline as expected.

  • Mining & Metals: Metal Fatigue

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    Just as the U.S. steel industry showed signs of a tentative recovery after its downturn in 2019, COVID-19 rocked the market. Prices fell as the pandemic eroded steel demand, and with the threat of global overcapacity, prompted domestic steel mills to idle or scale back operations.

  • Mining & Metals: Covid-19 Cools Blast Furnaces

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    Steel mills idled a number of operations, particularly blast furnaces, as steel demand plunged amid the pandemic. Meanwhile section 232 aluminum tariffs hurtextruders that were forced to import billet due to a lack of domestic options.

  • Mining & Metals: Manufacturing Ticks Up

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    January 2020 reflected the first month of growth in the manufacturing sector after five straight months of contraction

  • Mining & Metals: Base Metal Pricing Remains Volatile

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    Despite deficits for most base metals, recent prices fluctuated amid trade reconciliation steps and the coronavirus

  • Mining & Metals: Steel Prices See The Light

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    Steel prices increased in recent months, but it remains to be seen whether the trend continues. Meanwhile, base metal prices remain volatile amid swiftly changing trade conditions and global economic news, despite solid metal fundamentals.

  • Mining & Metals: Will Trade Deal Change The Game?

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    The floor may be in sight for steel prices. Meanwhile, trade conditions could make or break the potential for a rebound in base metal prices.

  • Mining & Metals: A Well-Tempered Industry?

    BTG Global Advisory looks at the global trends that are driving, and will continue to shape the market for steel and related products. Trump’s tariffs, the trade wars that this has sparked, and the ongoing impact of China’s supply and demand will continue to affect world markets.

Hospitality Leisure & Sport

  • Hospitality Leisure & Sport: Disruptive forces

    BTG Global Advisory looks at rising consumer spending, notwithstanding the disruptive forces of political and economic uncertainty, and how technology is helping to meet the challenge of maintaining margins in a rapidly evolving environment.

  • Hospitality Leisure & Sport: Money Management

    BTG Global Advisory provide comment on investment going to top-tier sport while some sports organisations fail to attract funds, changes in broadcast sales, and management in sports ruling bodies.

  • Hospitality Leisure & Sport: Brave new world...

    Travel and hospitality are riding high on the economic recovery. This industry update considers terrorism, political and economic unrest, investments, China’s leisure market, and new service delivery models transforming the sector.

Retail & Distribution

  • Retail & Distribution: Dealing with Disruption

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    The pandemic sped up changes that were already taking shape between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar. Stimulus checks spurred purchases for some categories, while others still struggle to attract customers.
    A container shortage and delays at ports have resulted in longer lead times and increased costs for many retailers.

  • Retail & Distribution: Retailers Plagued with Concern

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic shift in how consumers shop. While some industries have benefitted, other industries have struggled. There have already been several bankruptcy filings and liquidations, and there is concern that more could follow.

  • Retail & Distribution: Retailers Trying to Survive

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    Published by B. Riley Advisory Services

    Many retailers experienced significant increases in e-commerce sales, whilst brick-and-mortar sales decline. COVID-19 has brought thousands of store closures to malls that were already experiencing vacancies and myriad of issues face retailers, particularly mall-based retailers, during the critical holiday season.

  • Retail & Distribution: The Bricks-and-Mortar Apocalypse

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    Brick-and-mortar retail has faced significant challenges over the past few years. Some industry experts believe this downward spiral could continue for the foreseeable future, and there are signs of the “four horsemen” that could ultimately lead to the brick-and-mortar “retail apocalypse.”

  • Retail & Distribution: Tariff Turbulance

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    Published by Glass Ratner's sister company Great American Group.

    Tariffs are impacting many companies; many have worked to pass along price increases or move production.

  • Retail & Distribution: Hungry for Change

    BTG Global Advisory provides comment on how food and beverage (F&B) is in the vanguard of retail’s consumer-led transformation, helping to redefine the development of retail-led destinations.

  • Retail & Distribution: Blurring retail boundaries

    Looks at the global retail market, covering the challenges and opportunities of globalization and the blurring of boundaries between physical and online retail.

  • Retail & Distribution: It's not just about the shopping...

    Highlights growing confidence in retail as new retail centres mix shopping with dining and entertainment to offer a holistic leisure experience that reflects changes in consumer behaviour.

  • Retail & Distribution: The mega-boxship phenomenon

    Examines the rise of the mega-boxship, as the first generation of 20,000 TEU containerships begin their first rotation through global ports of call.

  • Retail & Distribution: Confidence returns to UK retail

    Highlights growing confidence in retail as the economy recovers, notwithstanding the consequences of price wars, which are becoming an enduring feature of the UK retail sector.

Real Estate & Construction


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  • Organised Criminal Groups

    The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime has provided an internationally shared definition of an “organized criminal group” as “a group of three or more persons existing over a period of time acting in concert with the aim of committing crimes for financial or material benefit”.

  • Agribusiness: Market Analysis

    A new era has been revolutionising the field.  New Technologies are accelerating the application of robotics, artificial intelligence, stand-alone machines and biotechnology.  It is the biggest revolution in the rural sector.

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