BTG Global Advisory provides a series of updates that give a current, broader view of particular sectors covering company moves, new regulations, changing policies and general financial status.


  • Brazilian Economic Round Up

    An analysis developed by TCP Latam points out the predominance of the political scenario that will dictate the direction of the economy.

  • Financial & Professional Services (Legal): On the move

    BTG Global Advisory looks at competition, globalisation, data security, innovative technology, and the challenges of today’s political climate.

  • Sport, Leisure & Hospitality: Disruptive forces

    BTG Global Advisory looks at rising consumer spending, notwithstanding the disruptive forces of political and economic uncertainty, and how technology is helping to meet the challenge of maintaining margins in a rapidly evolving environment.

  • Capital Markets: Investors respond to change

    In this update we discuss the influence of Brexit on investors’ risk perceptions, investor and occupier demand, the broader economy, Europe and the US.

  • Aviation: Close to the wind

    BTG Global Advisory considers global and European political uncertainty, including international security. We look at Brexit in terms of profitability and international influence, notably on the Single European Sky. Meanwhile, lowcost carriers thrive, extending their services and fuelling price competition.

  • Sport, Leisure and Hospitality - Money Management

    BTG Global Advisory provide comment on investment going to top-tier sport while some sports organisations fail to attract funds, changes in broadcast sales, and management in sports ruling bodies.

  • Retail & Distribution: Blurring retail boundaries

    Looks at the global retail market, covering the challenges and opportunities of globalization and the blurring of boundaries between physical and online retail.

  • Sport, Leisure and Hospitality: Brave new world...

    Travel and hospitality are riding high on the economic recovery. This industry update considers terrorism, political and economic unrest, investments, China’s leisure market, and new service delivery models transforming the sector.

  • Automotive: Demand and profit up – for now

    BTG Global Advisory considers the impact of rapid change in the global car market as it enjoys spectacular sales and healthy bottom lines. However, despite this, there are concerns about fading prospects for growth and the rising cost of development and technology.

  • Media & Entertainment: Digital and mobile drive growth

    Examines how digital and mobile platforms bring new opportunities for content and app delivery, enabling media businesses to expand their offerings and reach new audiences across the globe.

  • Aviation: The airspace race

    Looks at key trends that have boosted the industry and helped low-cost carriers thrive, including lower oil prices, fuller planes, and record numbers of tourists.