BTG Global Advisory provides a series of updates that give a current, broader view of particular sectors covering company moves, new regulations, changing policies and general financial status.


  • Retail: Blurring retail boundaries

    Looks at the global retail market, covering the challenges and opportunities of globalization and the blurring of boundaries between physical and online retail.

  • Aviation: The airspace race

    Looks at key trends that have boosted the industry and helped low-cost carriers thrive, including lower oil prices, fuller planes, and record numbers of tourists.

  • Media & Entertainment: Digital and mobile drive growth

    Examines how digital and mobile platforms bring new opportunities for content and app delivery, enabling media businesses to expand their offerings and reach new audiences across the globe.



  • Capital Markets: Braced for a Brexit?

    Considers the implications of a possible UK exit from the EU.

  • Transport (Shipping): The mega-boxship phenomenon

    Examines the rise of the mega-boxship, as the first generation of 20,000 TEU containerships begin their first rotation through global ports of call.

  • Retail: It's not just about the shopping...

    Highlights growing confidence in retail as new retail centres mix shopping with dining and entertainment to offer a holistic leisure experience that reflects changes in consumer behaviour.

  • Retail: Confidence returns to UK retail

    Highlights growing confidence in retail as the economy recovers, notwithstanding the consequences of price wars, which are becoming an enduring feature of the UK retail sector.

  • Real Estate: Hot property

    Provides comments on the UK property market, which is experiencing strong growth in London and across the regions. However, there are concerns whether the market can maintain its upward momentum.

  • Manufacturing: Stormy weather

    Analyses manufacturing and its role in rebalancing the UK economy in uncertain times.

  • Manufacturing: Steady as she goes...

    Analyses manufacturing, which is spearheading the UK's economic recovery. The service sector is leading the way and car manufacturing is almost at pre-recession levels.

  • Leisure and Hospitality: Brave new world...

    Travel and hospitality are riding high on the economic recovery. This industry update considers terrorism, political and economic unrest, investments, China’s leisure market, and new service delivery models transforming the sector.

  • Legal Services: Mergers and margins...

    Looks at the changing shape of the industry as it emerges from the recession into a broader competitive environment with specific challenges facing different industry segments.

  • Legal Services: Evolution and growth

    Looks at the main factors driving growth and how alternative business structures will continue to change the face of the profession.

  • Healthcare: Towards better healthcare

    Considers healthcare budgets, A&E facilities, examines proposals and Government funding for new care models for the UK's ageing population.

  • Healthcare: Challenging times

    Considers the incoming Government's key challenges on healthcare: delivering the Conservative party election pledges around service provision and efficiency while addressing current and future funding issues.

  • Further Education: Fixing the funding crisis

    Further education has long been the Cinderella of England’s education system. Only now, when the system is in serious financial difficulties, is it finally coming under the spotlight. This update examines the further education funding crisis.

  • Construction: Sustained growth and stable outlook

    Examines forecasts indicating slower, but sustained growth in 2015 and the factors acting as a brake on the industry.

  • Agriculture: The state of the farming nation

    Provides comment on the economic and environmental factors driving significant change in the UK farming sector.

  • Agriculture: Agriculture's role in a changing world

    Looks at producing the best food possible, responsibly and profitably and highlights the ongoing challenges for the UK’s farming industry.

  • Accountancy Services: Tech, tax and regulatory change

    We highlight key industry trends in the UK accountancy industry. With the global economy firmly on the road to recovery, the accountancy sector largely enjoyed a return to good fortunes in 2014.