Insolvency and Restructuring

Corporate Insolvency

There may be any number of other reasons why a formal insolvency procedure may be the appropriate option. Where we do recommend formal insolvency proceedings, we will fully explain the range of possible options – outlining which we think is right for your client and for those affected by its business circumstances.

Despite a formal insolvency procedure, it may in certain circumstances be possible for the directors to be involved in running the business through a new company in the future, and it is the duty of the Insolvency Practitioner to obtain the best solution for creditors. This duty may be compatible, in some circumstances, with the management’s desire to buy back the business from insolvency. Our highly experienced team has assisted many insolvent companies in the past providing maximizing solutions to all key stakeholders.


The general liquidity crisis, combined with a slow-down in consumer discretionary spending, has resulted in an increasing number of companies having difficulties in servicing debt and/or meeting liquidity requirements.

In this environment, we can assist you on addressing liquidity shortfalls, implement full time CRO’s and negotiating a restructuring of your debt obligations. The use of an advisor provides useful insight regarding what the Lenders are likely to consider in a restructuring.

There are many operational and financial challenges that can hinder organizational performance. Our specialists can work closely with management and other stakeholders to identify key issues and create strategic restructuring solutions aimed at an immediate positive impact and a sound basis for future trading.

Our team of experts understand that running a business whose value is under threat can be highly stressful, which is why our approach is to work quickly and in partnership with stakeholders and recommend strategies that are straightforward to implement.

The goal of this approach is to assist management teams to make informed decisions about what needs to be done, and when, to secure the optimum outcome for the business.