Insolvency & Restructuring

Performance dips can be a normal part of a company’s lifecycle. Yet when those dips become a trend, businesses can experience value erosion, damaged credibility and a loss of stakeholder trust. To rebuild that trust, management must be willing to address the root causes of underperformance.

Farber can help. As one of Canada’s largest groups of insolvency and restructuring professionals, we have a long history helping:

  • Banks and other lenders to deal with under performing loans or investments;
  • Law firms to provide clients in financial difficulty with financial expertise, strategic guidance and crisis management; and,
  • Accounting firms that don’t provide insolvency services in-house or that have a conflict of interest, particularly since we don’t offer in-house accounting, audit or tax services.

Since 1979, we have worked with management, lenders, advisors and stakeholders to bring critical thinking, creative options and practical results to Canadian companies and subsidiaries of global enterprises operating in Canada—whether they need to pursue formal or informal proceedings, divestment or business realization. In addition to fulfilling formal insolvency roles as Monitor, Receiver, Proposal Trustee, and Trustee in Bankruptcy, we also act as Financial Advisor to companies, stakeholders, acquirers of distressed assets, and committees.

Together, with our global partner firms at BTG Global Advisory, we have an international reach that covers North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.