Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Forensic Accounting

The professionals at KRyS Global have extensive experience in conducting financial transaction analysis, tracing cash and providing expert forensic evidence.

The investigation and analysis of financial transactions is a specialized area that requires the expertise of accountants and fraud examiners to review transactions, trace cash and draw conclusions on the ownership of the identified assets. Being able to conduct this investigation and produce a simple and succinct report is an art and can only be undertaken by professionals with a passion for detail and proven expertise in these types of matters. With KRyS Global you are assured that our capability and experience will deliver results you can rely upon.

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

The professionals at KRyS Global work closely with attorneys and other advisors to understand our Clients’ expectations and ensure their efforts complement and form part of the seamless service being provided.

Our depth of knowledge and experience includes forensic accounting and technology reporting, and providing expert evidence in court. We deliver the information or reports requested and our Clients also benefit from our integrated, objective and insightful guidance based on our wealth of experience. We often find the attorneys that work with us seek to involve us beyond the initial terms of reference.

Forensic Technology Services

Today’s business world increasingly relies on digital transfer and storage of huge volumes of data. Forensic technology plays an essential role in managing that data as a stand-alone service or in support of asset tracing, fraud investigation and litigation support.

Our forensic technology services include, data mining and analytics, computer forensics, electronic discovery and hosted litigation solutions. These services can be provided on their own or in conjunction with the other service lines KRyS Global offers.

Our experienced professionals include qualified accountants and certified fraud examiners who are cross-trained in computer forensics and database analytics. We uncover evidence by employing advanced statistical and data mining techniques to unlock hidden data as well as detect patterns and anomalies within that data, in effect turning raw data into relevant information. Our team of computer forensics professionals use innovative methods and advanced software applications to process and deliver the solution.

The key to our success is our ability to provide a local support team that is familiar with, and can respond immediately to, the needs unique to offshore investigations. We also regularly work alongside onshore teams in cross-border and multi-party engagements.

Litigation Database

Litigation can involve large volumes of data and records in various forms and media, we can provide the tools to review these quickly and efficiently, at a price that is economical.

As a result of our experience with some of our larger cases, the team at KRyS Global understands the architecture and characteristics of data storage and effective retrieval. We can provide these services quickly and much more cost effectively.

Personal Injury

Victims of personal injury need professionals who are dedicated to giving them the most practical and competent service during the litigation process.

Determination of the losses and damages in personal injury cases needs to be conducted by sensitive professionals who have the qualification, experience and awareness necessary to ensure the victim has a report that he or she can rely upon in seeking to recover from those who caused them harm. Our experts have years of experience in conducting such analysis and providing evidence in court, and have historically been involved in some high profile and large damage cases.

Fraud Investigation & Asset Recovery

Several of our professionals are qualified as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and have a wealth of experience in chasing and recovering assets around the world. Working with the team at KRyS Global gives you the best advantage in recovering stolen assets as a result of fraud.

We understand that lack of documents and the obstacles associated with bank secrecy or confidentiality can create huge hurdles when investigating what happened to assets that were the subject of fraud or misappropriation. By working with our diligent and talented CFEs, you can be assured that every avenue will be investigated, with the best possible outcome as a result.

Driven by a passion for results, our intuitive team provides practical solutions to locating assets and obtaining the swiftest, most prudent and effective means of collecting it. In cases where the asset is long gone, we offer pragmatic assistance in finding other means to recover assets from those who may have abetted in the fraud or those whose failures allowed the fraud to occur.

Business Valuations & Damages Quantification

Our independent and qualified valuation team provides our clients with accurate and definitive reports. We have notable experience in providing evidence in court on the quantification of losses and damages.

The review and analysis of historical financial data, future projections and comparable sales is a specialized area that requires the expertise of qualified valuation professionals who calculate the enterprise value of a business or determine the quantum of loss or damages.

Being able to pull the relevant information, conduct the necessary research and combine this with tracking and forecasting financial information can only be undertaken by individuals who are experienced in this particular field. Further, to provide a report that is concise and easy to comprehend, and if necessary, give expert evidence in court, can only be achieved by those who have the professional maturity and confidence that comes from a history of providing independent assistance. Our professionals at KRyS Global have these capabilities and experience, ensuring that you have the confidence in a report you can rely upon.