Insolvency and Restructuring

Cross Border Insolvency

We use an innovative approach to identify solutions unique to the disputes and conflicts that arise in complex, multi-faceted cross-border liquidations and insolvencies.

Maximizing the amounts paid to stakeholders is almost wholly dependent on the expertise and knowledge of the persons appointed to administer the estate. Our professionals have a wealth of experience in assisting and advising clients in various industries, from small businesses to large multi-national organizations. We have previously acted as receivers, administrators, liquidators and controllers of hedge funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and other entities.

We recognize the importance of responding quickly, providing timely reporting of comprehensive information to stakeholders. We understand the need to identify, acknowledge and resolve difficulties that may arise in negotiating financial and commercial solutions.

Distressed Asset Sales

Distressed asset sale strategies incorporate a combination of sales tools, network of contacts and a proven track record in guiding clients through the sales process and maximising the net return to clients.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in managing and selling distressed assets. We conduct the necessary due diligence on the asset, collate the information and prepare the data-room, reach out to our wide range of contacts and work with investment and legal professionals, with a view to presenting the asset to an ideal group of potential buyers. We then interface with the candidates, negotiating and valuing the various terms and conditions, and report back to the client on the risks and benefits of the transaction. This hands-on approach ensures that the client obtains the most appropriate sales strategies for that particular asset based on the market conditions and economics in that jurisdiction.


When parties are in dispute over assets, it is sometimes necessary to bring in an independent party to assume custodial responsibility. Our professionals draw on their extensive experience in evaluating companies, their assets and implementing the right business strategy to obtain the best possible outcome.

Our team will collaborate with you to manage those assets and maximize the return when converting them to cash. We have a host of results-driven global contacts, including parties worldwide who specialize in pursuing unique assets.

Those who work in receiverships need to be level-headed, objective and cost effective in their approach. We have the confidence and experience to ensure that we will not only secure the assets, but we will ensure they maintain their value during our tenure.