Turnaround, Workout and Profit Improvement

Business Advisory Services

KRyS Global recognizes that constant demands on resources and the dynamic developments in global technologies can affect business.

Many organizations have inefficiencies in their core operations that impact their bottom line and expose them to unnecessary risk. Organizations resolve these deficiencies by retaining qualified and experienced specialists to review and assess problem areas, develop solutions, and test them for compliance and suitability.

KRyS Global employs a comprehensive approach to consultative advice, reviewing an organization’s systems and controls, and finding ways to enhance profitability, improve performance and minimize the risk of loss. We assist Clients in designing, improving and implementing systems and processes to resolve deficiencies.

Business Intelligence Services

At KRyS Global our experienced professionals act quickly and discreetly to provide clients with relevant and essential information necessary to make decisions.

Working in conjunction with the specialty firm Intelisys, we can gather background information and business intelligence virtually anywhere in the world, including those jurisdictions where public records are sparse. Businesses considering mergers, acquisitions, strategic relationships or investments need accurate information about entities and their executives and the potential risks that they may present. We provide companies, financial services institutions, law firms, and government agencies with comprehensive reporting tailored to meet their specific requests and requirements.

If fraud is suspected, companies often require in-depth background investigations to unravel the problem. We perform background investigations of parties suspected of wrongdoing, searches for conflicts of interest and undisclosed business affiliations. We seek to uncover asset ownership information, financial, legal, regulatory or criminal problems or links to organized crime.

As a part of our corporate recovery and litigation support services, we assist clients by investigating asset ownership and opposing parties and their experts to help find facts relevant to claims and defences. Information developed can expand the scope of the recovery matter or litigation.

Business Valuations & Damages Quantification

Our independent and qualified valuation team provides our clients with accurate and definitive reports. We have notable experience in providing evidence in court on the quantification of losses and damages.

The review and analysis of historical financial data, future projections and comparable sales is a specialized area that requires the expertise of qualified valuation professionals who calculate the enterprise value of a business or determine the quantum of loss or damages.

Being able to pull the relevant information, conduct the necessary research and combine this with tracking and forecasting financial information can only be undertaken by individuals who are experienced in this particular field. Further, to provide a report that is concise and easy to comprehend, and if necessary, give expert evidence in court, can only be achieved by those who have the professional maturity and confidence that comes from a history of providing independent assistance. Our professionals at KRyS Global have these capabilities and experience, ensuring that you have the confidence in a report you can rely upon.

Restructuring & Transition

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, directors and managers of financial services companies, hedge funds and other investment vehicles, have struggled to address the fall-out from the recession.

Our integrated team of financial professionals will find and develop critical strategies to address those business challenges and work with you to implement a sustainable and successful transition.

Transition focuses on the particular issues that the company is facing and implements a tailored solution that allows the management team to continue to oversee the non-problematic areas of the business. We provide an experienced Transition Director or a Chief Transition Officer (“CTO”) with the knowledge and skills required to address any issues. Our professionals will work collaboratively with the existing management team to ensure that the company can continue to remain focused on achieving value for its stakeholders.