BTG Global Advisory is an international business and financial advisory group

BTG Global Advisory

BTG Global Advisory (BTG GA) covers all continents as well as multiple offshore centres, and is a trusted advisor to many leading banks, law firms, private equity and other funds, bankruptcy debtors and creditor committees, operating companies, and other parties affected by distress.

BTG GA is multidisciplinary, offering a broad range of professional services necessary to provide solutions to business problems. Its members include restructuring advisors and insolvency specialists; turnaround directors, workout and profit improvement consultants; forensics investigators and other litigation support professionals; and investment banking/M&A transaction advisors amongst other specialists.

Our members are leading players in their markets and have an international outlook, which reflects the increasingly global nature of business.

Who we have worked with...

Bank of America
Deutsche Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Fannie Mae
General Electric
Verizon Wireless
Lloyds Banking Group
Delta Airlines

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Defeating zombification of the UK economy is an urgent challenge

Posted in: Begbies Traynor Group on 25/02/2021

Defeating zombification of the UK economy is an urgent challenge

The origin causes of ‘zombie’ firms will maintain pressure on banks, and the government, to exercise a greater fiduciary duty in managing distressed SMEs and corporates. This will skew banks’ preferred strategy towards corporate turnarounds, rather than insolvencies, in the management of defaulted loans.

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The return of zombie firms

Posted in: Begbies Traynor Group on 22/02/2021

The return of zombie firms

Pandemic policy responses by the UK government and the Bank of England (BoE) and the reaction from corporates have created the right conditions to breed a new generation of ‘zombie’ companies that could drag on the UK economy if left unchecked.

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Australian Insolvency - January 2021

Posted in: Rodgers Reidy on 22/02/2021

Australian Insolvency - January 2021

The tables in the following link summarise data essentials captured from Rodgers Reidy's daily Risk Watch publication, which provides a synopsis of the insolvency market for January 2021 including:

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