BTG Global Advisory is one of the world’s largest specialist
independent financial advisory alliances.

BTG Global Advisory

BTG Global Advisory (BTG GA) covers all continents as well as multiple offshore centres, and is a trusted advisor to many leading banks, law firms, private equity and other funds, bankruptcy debtors and creditor committees, operating companies, and other parties affected by distress.

BTG GA is multidisciplinary, offering a broad range of professional services necessary to provide solutions to business problems. Its members include restructuring advisors and insolvency specialists; turnaround directors, workout and profit improvement consultants; forensics investigators and other litigation support professionals; and investment banking/M&A transaction advisors amongst other specialists.

Our members are leading players in their markets and have an international outlook, which reflects the increasingly global nature of business.

Who we have worked with...

Bank of America
Deutsche Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
Fannie Mae
General Electric
Verizon Wireless
Lloyds Banking Group
Delta Airlines

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Global Illicit Trade Forum addresses the issue in GCC countries

Posted in: Fraud, Forensics and Anti-Corruption on 04/12/2018

Global Illicit Trade Forum addresses the issue in GCC countries

At the beginning of 2018 Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates introduced VAT for the first time, set at a rate of 5%. This was part of an effort to diversify government revenue with other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries set to impose a similar tax in due course. In addition to this, certain products classed as ‘harmful’, such as tobacco and energy drinks, are being singled out to face a huge 100% tax levy in these countries.

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Mitigating Social Unrest During Restructuring or Turnaround

Posted in: Farber on 28/11/2018

Mitigating Social Unrest During Restructuring or Turnaround

It can be tempting, and convenient, for mining companies to abandon their corporate social responsibility initiatives when experiencing financial distress. However, Piers Marsden cautions that this co…

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SNCF: high speed digital transformation

Posted in: Zalis SAS on 20/11/2018

SNCF: high speed digital transformation

An interview Mathias Vicherat – Deputy Managing Director for Strategy, Communications and Branding at the SNCF group, France railroad system about his definition of digital culture and what they are doing to grow a strong digital culture at SNCF

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