Risk Consulting

Global Asset Verification

The process of uncovering the assets of debtors can be challenging, particularly when the debtor doesn’t want them to be found. Known for an unrivalled global intelligence network and multidisciplinary approach to investigations, BTG Global Advisory reveals the true global asset position of debtors to ensure maximum recoveries are achieved.

Our experts in the complementary fields of forensic accounting, forensic technology, investigations and risk, ensure that asset searches conducted by BTG Global Advisory are the most comprehensive available. This specific blend of investigative expertise ensures clients stay ahead of ever increasing and complex asset concealment tactics.

As a leading advisor to governments, banks and law firms on cross-jurisdictional asset tracing matters our investigative methodologies adapt to the legislative landscape of the countries we are acting in to ensure compliance along with the reputational protection our clients demand.

The physical spread of BTG Global Advisory throughout the world allows clients to benefit from a responsive in-country presence that is often a prerequisite to conducting detailed asset investigations in emerging jurisdictions where the access to relevant data and information via desktop sources is limited or even non-existent.

Investigative Due Diligence

Successful business decisions are based on an understanding of the available information; however in instances where vital information is not readily available it is necessary to bridge the gap with corporate research and investigations in order to maintain a forward position in negotiations.

Due diligence investigations by BTG Global Advisory complement traditional financial investigations to support decision-makers ahead of engaging with unknown third parties, providing the transparency that companies and their professional advisors require before putting pen to paper in areas such as:

Integrity and Reputation Verification

Providing assurances over the integrity and reputation of potential business partners, whether individual executives or corporate entities, ensuring that you enter into negotiations with a full understanding of who you are dealing with and of their compliance with FCPA/bribery legislation.

Geopolitical and Economic Impact Analysis

Informing you as to how changes in the local political and economic environment would impact on your ability to operate and compete effectively in your chosen markets.

Security Risk Assessments

Securing a live business and understanding the security risks that lie ahead are key priorities when moving into phases of domestic or international organisational change.

Anti-corruption Consulting

BTG Global Advisory has worldwide resources that can assist business entities and their legal counsels to develop and maintain a robust anti-corruption compliance programme and investigate various allegations of corruption, fraud, waste and abuse, including multi-jurisdictional matters.

Our services include:

  • Global anti-corruption and financial investigations
  • Anti-corruption compliance services
  • Corruption/fraud risk assessments
  • Anti-corruption due diligence on third parties/employees
  • Proactive corruption risk assessment of third parties
  • International Asset tracing
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Review financial institution AML policies, procedures, compliance program.
  • Trace payments, purchases and investments internally and offshore
  • Interview witnesses, review emails, review accounting systems, background investigations, asset tracing
  • Develop, enhance anti-corruption policies, procedures, compare to actual processes, train employees and provide recommendations.
  • Identify internal control weaknesses that could lead to fraud, corruption, waste. Conduct interviews, review procedures, provide recommendations.
  • Based on risk, conduct investigation on third parties to identify undisclosed relations to government officials, history of corruption/criminal behaviour.