Few sectors have to cope with such continuous pressures on performance and continual change as do the healthcare and senior living sectors.

  • Delivering high-quality services and world-class clinical outcomes
  • Safeguarding those undergoing treatment and in care
  • Coping with multiple, and sometimes incongruent, targets and extensive regulation
  • Dealing with a broad range of stakeholders and interest groups
  • Managing the consequences of historic capital decisions
  • Responding to the vagaries of the economy and planning for the future
  • Demonstrating strong governance

In addition, events outside of the control of the management team can often confound even the best-laid plans. If this were not enough, it has to be undertaken in the very public gaze of politicians, the press, patients and their families and other active interest groups.

Inevitably, there are times when large problems can be made much smaller with support from experienced, trusted advisors who are able to help in standing back, clearly analysing a problem and assisting in creating deliverable solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We have have experience, not only in acting as consultants, but as board members and restructuring professionals in this sector and are able, through this experience, to bring to bear genuine hands-on expertise.

Throughout BTG Global Advisory we have access to models and solutions that have been successfully applied across a range of global organisations to correct corporate underperformance.

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