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Investment Banking/M&A Transactions

Investment Banking/M&A Transactions

Whether a business wants to raise capital for investment purposes, grow through acquisitions or realise its value through sale, our team of global specialists can assist at every stage.

We can provide confidential expert advice on a whole spectrum of financial advisory and planning services in the following areas:

  • Valuation
  • Debt Advisory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Planning

Our successful financing engagements have helped our clients expand their businesses, finance an acquisition, replace lenders who want to move on or transition ownership through stock buy-backs or other leveraged transactions. Due to our extensive Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice, we are also often called on to arrange financing for companies to enter or exit bankruptcy.

Our Valuation specialists use a combination of analytical tools and experience to objectively ascertain the value of equity, assets and liabilities. The detailed analysis is invaluable to management teams and stakeholders as the foundation for making key business decisions.

Stockholder exits, management buy-ins/outs, refinancing and mergers and acquisitions are all situations where our Corporate Finance team can assist management teams and business owners.

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OE Quality Friction Inc.

OE Quality Friction (OEQF) was founded in 1997 on the principle of marketing Original Equipment quality disc brake pads at competitive aftermarket prices. 

As a result of breaches to the debtor’s borrowing base covenants we were initially appointed to complete a review of the business and its plans as well as a review of its projected cash flow forecast.  It became evident that the business was suffering from high overhead costs due to an unnecessarily lengthy transition of its operations from Canada to Mexico as well as reduced gross margins.

Farber were appointed as receiver of the business in order to gain control over the cash bleed and complete a sale of the business.

The results were as follows:-

  • Completed the transition of the operations from Canada to Mexico significantly reducing overhead costs.
  • Oversaw creation of 3-week rolling production plan, thereby increasing profitability by prioritizing higher gross margin products and reducing change over time
  • Worked with the corporate finance team to sell the business expeditiously
  • Created monthly and weekly forecasts including operational and financial key performance indicators
  • Prepared monitoring and reporting templates
  • Pursuit of realizations on all assets of the business including trapped inventory and litigious accounts receivable
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Begbies Traynor Group
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Begbies Traynor Group
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