Quality Assured

Member firms employ stringent quality assurance systems, which is a condition of membership of BTG GA. All new members are subject to strict due diligence to ensure they meet high performance standards. In addition, all firms have an impressive track record of service delivery with leading global financial institutions, and exceed the demanding quality requirements imposed by such organisations.

To ensure the quality of service deliverables, our member firms operate a tiered quality review process. All work produced is subject to quality monitoring, the frequency of which is dependent on the seniority of the individual. Documents and other service deliverables are reviewed by senior team members and directors, where issues are particularly complex, high value or contentious then a second partner review is required.
Key to our quality and performance management process is in monitoring our performance against agreed service standards; we believe the key to excellent delivery is in working with our clients to set service standard requirements and report regularly on our performance against them.