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We believe BTG Global Advisory (BTG GA) occupies a unique position within the corporate and financial advisory marketplace.

By providing a comprehensive worldwide one-stop shop for clients, BTG GA's members can offer cost-effective, value adding, local, market-based restructuring services.

A unique feature of BTG GA is that it is multidisciplinary, so that clients no longer need to be concerned about the cost, delay and distraction of briefing a range of different professionals for a single assignment. Through its extensive range of contacts in financial communities around the globe,

BTG GA can introduce financial partners to fund restructurings, adding this vital ingredient to the professional expertise of its members.

We offer real advantages over many of our competitors in that we:

  • Offer deep expertise across defined industry sectors in all our service areas
  • Are truly independent
  • Staffed by entrepreneurial decision-makers with significant 'sharp end' experience
  • Have a strong mid-market focus

BTG GA is also committed to working with international institutions to grow professional capacity in emerging markets. With this aim in mind, it will run education and training programmes, organise member/client-only conferences and promote staff exchange programmes between member firms.

The business world becomes more global with each passing day. Our members have both local knowledge and an international outlook. They can operate comfortably and effectively on cross-border assignments.

Our ultimate aim is to provide the optimum outcomes for their clients and to reduce their anxiety about deteriorating international exposures.

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At BTG Global Advisory we are committed to understanding the needs of all of our clients and formulating and delivering bespoke, tailored solutions using our expertise across our six core service areas.

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Insolvency Restructuring Icon

Insolvency & Restructuring

There are a number of operational and financial challenges that can hinder organisational performance. Our specialists can work closely with management and other stakeholders to identify key issues and create strategic restructuring solutions aimed at an immediate positive impact and a sound basis for future trading.
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Turnaround Icon

Turnaround, Workout & Profit Improvement

BTG Global Advisory has significant expertise in providing strategic and operational advisory and interim management services to companies that are experiencing financial or operational difficulty or are involved in a bank workout situation.
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Forensic Icon

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

As a leading provider of forensic investigation and litigation support services we help identify, resolve, mitigate or avoid complex commercial risks on a global scale.
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Risk Icon

Risk Consulting

The process of uncovering the assets of debtors can be challenging, particularly when the debtor doesn’t want them to be found
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Investment Icon

Investment Banking/M&A Transactions

Whether a business wants to raise capital for investment purposes, grow through acquisitions or realise its value through sale, our team of global specialists can assist at every stage.
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Real Estate Icon

Real Estate Consulting

BTG Global Advisory specialises in the stabilisation and turnaround of underperforming real estate properties. It is our mission to mitigate the effects of a detrimental event that disrupts income generation and threatens property valuation.
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25 Year Anniversary
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Bonds are essentially IOUs issued by companies or governments to raise capital: investors buy bonds from the issuer company, becoming creditors who then receive periodic interest payments.