Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering

As the manufacturing sector emerges from the global recession, earnings should move into positive territory.

However, many businesses remain vulnerable to other significant risks, including currency fluctuations and competitive tender processes as well as political uncertainty in key export markets, such as the EU and Russia.

Our Approach

Our experience, gleaned from decades spent in support of the sector, demonstrates that appropriate restructuring advice for companies in distress will help them steer a sensible path towards continued trading.

Our approach is holistic in nature; in many situations the root of the problem is not simply financial – this is often just the symptom. Our experience means we also review sales and marketing structures, product line and competitor analysis, combined with production system efficiencies, as well as supplier arrangements. This intelligence enables us to put forward sound and commercially viable solutions that will assist the business in getting back on track.

Our expertise is also supported by our dedicated team of specially selected financial and operational directors with first-hand experience of working within the sector. All have held senior positions and have an enviable track record in areas such as sales and marketing and operational matters.

In the unfortunate circumstance that an organisation is unfit to continue trading in its current form, we can provide a number of options best suited to the needs of the business which will help secure jobs and maintain vital supplier relationships. As a leader in the practice of implementing company voluntary and scheme arrangements, we are perfectly positioned to offer support in this complex area.

By bridging funding gaps, reviewing and restructuring operations to make them lean and fit for purpose, BTG Global Advisory have helped organisations find relief from the considerable challenges of negotiating with creditors, allowing them to run their business and take advantage of opportunities to move the company forward profitably.

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