Clarity Advisory SA

Clarity Advisory is a specialist boutique advisory focusing on providing clear, practical and realistic solutions to complicated business recovery instances.

Our Team comprises of senior (C-Level) executives with 80+ years of cumulative experience in the fields of Finance, NPLs Management, Turnaround Consulting, and Industry with proven advisory record. A highly-trusted network of senior associates (combining sectoral and functional expertise) ready to be mobilised, supplements our core team’s capacity to rescue value by creating turn-key solutions.

We follow the ‘old-school’ traditional recipe of Reviewing (analysing the ‘As Is’), Rescuing (design and implementation), Monitoring (controlling), Regrowth (recreating the future).

Our work is not just based on a ‘textbook’ approach – we take great pride in using our experience, having handled many such matters in the past and achieved success in both short-term (quick win) goals and long-term sustainable results.

Our spectrum of services addresses the needs of stakeholders in troubled situations

  • Borrowers support: Assisting companies in trouble
  • Lenders/ creditors advisory: Designing individual salvage plans of troubled assets
  • Distressed Investors consulting: Underwriting the acquisition and management of NPEs, REOs and of other assets
  • Regulator’s support: Conducting special reviews and asset quality assessment

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