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GlassRatner, a B. Riley Financial company, is a multi-office specialty financial advisory services firm providing solutions to complex business problems and Board level agenda items. The firm applies a unique mix of skill sets and experience to address matters of the utmost importance to the enterprise such as planning and executing a major acquisition or divestiture, pursuing a fraud investigation or corporate litigation, managing through a business crisis or bankruptcy and other top level, non-typical business challenges.

GlassRatner was formed by Ron Glass and Ian Ratner in 2001 based on a shared business philosophy of credible solutions to complex business challenges. The firm brings together a unique combination of financial and operating insight gained from decades of collective experience working in crisis situations, along with practical transaction experience. In 2018, GlassRatner merged with B. Riley Financial to become part of a diversified platform that offers end-to-end services for their clients. Together, GlassRatner and B. Riley are ready to help with all your financial service needs at any stage during the business life cycle.

GlassRatner’s overriding philosophy is to provide solutions to protect, enhance, and create value for its clients whether working for shareholders, creditors, investors or management. This is accomplished by gaining a complete understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding each assignment, detailed and sophisticated financial analysis and the application of real world experience.

Only reasonable and actionable recommendations are made in order to secure their proper implementation, as opposed to lengthy and often stale reports issued by some advisors.

The combination of proven operating and financial expertise, hands-on approach and an absolute focus on assignment execution makes GlassRatner a unique and valuable ally for its clients and partners.

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