Australian Insolvency - June 2020

Posted On: 9th July 2020
Australian Insolvency - June 2020

The tables in the following link summarise data essentials captured from Rodgers Reidy's daily Risk Watch publication, which provides a synopsis of the insolvency market for June 2020 including:

  • No. of Registered Liquidators in Australia as at June 2020
  • Winding Up applications filed with the Court in June 2020
  • Formal Appointments in June 2020

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Covid Analysis

The tables and graphs (found here) show that the Covid stimulus measures introduced have had a drastic effect on the number of insolvency and winding up procedures.

For the April - June 2020 period compared to April - June 2019, the data indicates a significant reduction in the number of reported events.

  1. Winding up Applications are down by 62%. The ATO filed only 2 winding up applications in April 2020 and did not file any winding up applications in May or June 2020. This is consistent with our understanding that during this period the ATO is more focused on business support measures than recovery procedures;
  2. Court Liquidations are down 54%;
  3. Voluntary Administrations are down 29% but after adjusting the figures to record multiple companies in a group as a single appointment (e.g. Virgin Airlines and PAS Group) Voluntary Administrations are down 42%;
  4. Voluntary Liquidations are down 27%.

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Posted On: 9th July 2020

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