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Destination São Paulo

Posted On: 3rd July 2024
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BTG Global Advisory, a prominent international financial advisory firm, recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in São Paulo, Brazil. The AGM is a pivotal event for BTG Global Advisory, bringing together its members to discuss strategic initiatives, and chart the course for future growth. The São Paulo meeting was particularly significant given the dynamic economic landscape of Latin America and the opportunities it presents.

Among the notable attendees were key executives from BTG Global Advisory’s member firms worldwide. This included senior partners, managing directors, and leading financial experts who have played crucial roles in steering the group’s success across various markets. The meeting in São Paulo underscored the commitment to leveraging local expertise while maintaining a global perspective.

One of the prominent figures at the AGM was Allan Nackan, newly appointed Chairman of BTG Global Advisory, and Partner at Canadian firm B.Riley Farber. Allan’s presence was essential, as he has been instrumental in shaping BTGGA’s vision and fostering a collaborative culture among its partner firms. In his opening address, Allan highlighted the importance of innovation, adaptability, and client-centric approaches in navigating the complex financial landscape.

Key attendee’s were:

  • Wilbert Sanchez and his team (Jorge Hillmann and Fabio Flores from TCP Partners, Brazil
  • Adrian Hyde, Julie Palmer and Jo Goodwin from Begbies Traynor Group, UK
  • Harry Cohen and Charles-Antonin Burel from Zalis, France
  • Piers Marsden from Matuson Associates, South Africa
  • Andrey Sorochan from ftt partners, CIS
  • Gaston Mauvezin from B.Riley, Mexico
  • Ivo-Meinert Willrodt and Max Pluta from Pluta, Germany
  • Ron Glass and Antonio Pereira from B.Riley, US
  • Pulkit Deora and Sajeve Deora from ICSL, India
  • Brent Morgan from Rodgers Reidy, Australia

In addition to hosting, TCP Partners organised a number of external speakers to give insight to the Brazilian Economy and politics, and an insightful session on Brazillian Rv v Chapter 11 (US).

The AGM also featured several breakout sessions and panel discussions, where members delved into specific topics such as Crypto and applied AI.
The Crypto Panel hosted by Adrian Hyde, joined by Julie Palmer and Lee Pascoe (Norton Rose) explored crypto as a transformative force in finance, promoting decentralisation and financial inclusivity. Together, they highlighted blockchain's potential to enhance transparency and security in transactions, disrupting traditional banking systems, acknowledging the volatility and regulatory challenges facing cryptocurrencies whilst remaining optimistic about their long-term prospects. Julie emphasised the need for balanced regulation to foster innovation while protecting investors. They also highlighted the importance of public education on crypto to ensure broader adoption and informed participation in this rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

These sessions were designed to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among members, ensuring that BTG Global Advisory remains at the forefront of industry developments.

In addition to the formal agenda, the AGM provided ample opportunities for networking and informal discussions. Attendees appreciated the chance to reconnect with colleagues, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. The vibrant city of São Paulo, with its rich cultural heritage and dynamic business environment, served as an ideal backdrop for these interactions.

There was also the chance to visit the Neo Química Arena to watch Corinthians v Cuiabá in an action packed 1-1 draw.

Overall, the AGM in São Paulo was a resounding success, reinforcing BTG Global Advisory’s position as a leading player in the global financial advisory space. The insights shared and the strategies discussed during the meeting will undoubtedly guide the firm’s efforts in delivering exceptional value to clients and stakeholders worldwide. As BTG Global Advisory continues to grow and evolve, the collaboration and expertise of its members remain its greatest strengths, ensuring a bright future for the firm and its clients.

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