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Our Case Studies

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise. Below are examples of our team’s recent appointments.

Gowinta Farms Pty Limited

We were appointed by Gowinta Farms Pty (Gowinta) as administrator with support of one of Australia's leading commercial banks.

Gowinta operated major strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and lychee farms with three separate /our-firms in Queensland. When we were instructed it soon became apparent that the business model was flawed, so we changed this resulting in a greater share of the annual harvest financial risk being held by the fruit marketers. As a result of this and other structural and financial changes, including operational efficiencies and improved management reporting the business is now profitable and has been sold as a going concern.


Major Pharmaceutical Group

We acted for the parent company in this solvent liquidation of its subsidiary companies.

Our principal role was to reorganise and simplify this group’s corporate structure.

Specifically we had to deal with tax clearance and issues associated with the distribution of assets in excess of $600M to shareholders in the group.

The case was further complicated by managing trade mark issues including assignments in numerous countries.

This was highly successful and all distributions were effected.

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Author:Begbies Traynor Group

UK’s summer travel demand boon fails to mask rising headwinds

Buoyant travel demand over the summer has given the travel and tourism industry some much-needed respite in recent months. However, the outlook has already begun to soften as accelerating macroeconomic and geopolitical headwinds start to blunt the growth momentum.

Begbies Traynor Group
Author:Begbies Traynor Group

25% Rise in Critical Financial Distress Pushes Almost 40,000 UK Companies Towards Insolvency

The latest Begbies Traynor “Red Flag Alert” report, which has provided a snapshot of British corporate health for the past 15 years, paints a worrying picture for UK businesses as nearly 40,000 companies are revealed to be in a critical financial situation as the pressure of higher interest rates, resilient inflation and weaker consumer confidence take their toll.

Author:Begbies Traynor Group

Retailers brace for stormy winter as summer respite fades

British retail sales dropped more than expected in September, coinciding with the sharpest drop in consumer confidence in more than three years, snapping signs of a recovery in August.

Rodgers Reidy
Author:Rodgers Reidy

Is the PIA coming back into vogue?

With the ATO ramping up its collection activity following the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, the Personal Insolvency Agreement (“PIA”) appears to be returning.