Turnaround, Workout and Profit Improvement

Turnaround and Workout

Matuson & Associates will work with a business to explore alternative options to formal insolvency procedures,  preserving stakeholder value and saving jobs.

Chief Restructuring Officer
In times of turmoil companies frequently need an objective, highly competent person with experience, know-how and leadership to take charge of a given set of challenges. At Matuson & Associates, our turnaround and restructuring specialists frequently step into the role of interim CEO or CFO in a wide range of industries.

Interim and Crisis Management
A company in crisis needs to take actions and make decisions with very limited information. Our ability to understand a situation based on our past experience and our strategic know-how means that we are not afraid to take the risks necessary to re-boot the distressed company.

Turnaround Specialist
Where a business requires guidance to affect a turnaround, we provide management with the assistance, direction and support that it needs.

Profit Improvement
We utilise our diverse experience across every sector of commerce and industry to mobilise individual commitment, set new directions and re-ignite organisational capability.

We renew lost vision, by redefining where the business is going and setting direction to determine how it aims to distinguish its products and services. At Matuson & Associates, we treat your business like it is our business and draw on our understanding of how it operates to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Included in the Performance Improvement services we offer are;

  • Stock Optimisation
  • Cash Flow Modelling
  • Reduction of Expenditure
  • Enhancing and Maximising the Collections Environment