Investment Banking/M&A Transactions

We help companies to define and complete their strategic and financial projects, leveraging our expertise in dealing with dynamically evolving firms who face integration challenges. We guide our clients through a broad spectrum of their corporate finance objectives, including Capital raising, acquisitions, and divestitures.

We mainly act when companies are facing integration challenges, whether the company:

  • Has made an acquisition which has not always been fully integrated
  • Conducts a merger or acquisition in order to reach critical mass in its market
  • Requires an asset disposal in order to optimize its efficiency

For Funds or investors, we do origination work and can lead acquisition auditing of underperforming companies:

  • Identify potential targets according to their investment strategies;
  • Define investment scope;
  • Conduct rapid, global diagnosis of company and processes
  • Assess potential strategic moves or  improvements
  • Evaluate management teams and their ability to execute turnaround
  • Validate the operational and financial feasibility of restructuring plans
  • Guide investors in equity participation negotiations, etc