Contact Information

Brent King is an executive management and financial advisory professional with over 22 years’ experience in distressed management and advisory services and over 32 years experience as a corporate executive leader. Prior to joining GlassRatner (now doing business as B. Riley Advisory Services), Mr. King served as the founder of Prairie Advisors, a middle market corporate advisory firm that placed Mr. King into multiple interim management and advisory roles at heavily distressed corporations. Mr. King has served as the C-level executive or senior advisor to both public and private corporations.

Mr. King has extensive experience leading distressed businesses, operating complex start-ups and advising insolvent businesses. His roles include: CRO of public and private corporations in Chapter 11 bankruptcy; Chapter 11 Trustee; Judicial Receiver; advisor to corporations for pre-bankruptcy planning; forensic investigator of financial fraud; director of patent infringement defense; valuation advisor to buyers and sellers of corporate assets; and liquidator of manufacturing assets and facilities.

Mr. King has worked with corporations in a broad range of industry sectors, including: food and protein processing; production agriculture; biodiesel and ethanol production; metal manufacturing; plastic injection molding; automobile dealers; agriculture equipment dealers; livestock equipment distribution; and livestock and dairy production.

Highlights of Mr. King’s restructuring and executive experience include:

  • Ch. 11 Trustee of Hillsboro Community Hospital in Hillsboro, Kansas. Mr. King was appointed Trustee of this rural, critical access hospital in central Kansas.
  • Court Appointed Receiver of Moon Ridge Foods, a Midwestern pork processing facility designed to produce pork for Asian markets with up to 5,000 per-day capacity.
  • CRO of Grisham Farms, a commercial miller of poultry food premixes that are sourced exclusively from mill rejected, or post dated human food.
  • CRO, Financial Advisor, or Court-Appointed Receiver to multiple production agriculture operations including a 5,000 acre row crop farm in Illinois, a 25,000 acre farm in the Central US, a 22,000 acre farm in the Central Plains, and a large mushroom farm in Pennsylvania. Mr. King’s livestock cases include dairy operations from the Southwest US to the Midwest, and large swine facilities in the corn belt.