Risk Consulting

Due diligence is a precautionary procedure that decreases transaction risk by accumulating and examining the measurable facts of the opposing party in a business transaction.  This allows lenders, buyers, partners, investors and other prospective stakeholders to a transaction to fully evaluate the risk of a transaction.

B. Riley Advisory Services's expertise in this area include financial due diligence as well as the preparation of operating budgets, credible forecasts, business integration recommendations and business assessments. B. Riley Advisory Services analysis will include the following areas:

  • Quality of reporting earnings and cash flow
  • Quality of record keeping and accounting systems
  • Appropriateness of accounting policies and procedures
  • Quality of collateral to secure the transaction
  • Potential for off book assets and liabilities
  • Quality of internal controls and management routines
  • Projections of future financial performance

B. Riley Advisory Services is uniquely practiced to examine commercial and financial information with a high standard of care and consideration to possible risk. We have advanced our expertise through transaction experience and by offering forensic accounting services connected to countless disputes over failed transactions. We handle every assignment with an investigative mentality and we convey our findings in thorough, concise reports.